Why Men Love Lingerie More Than Women
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Why Men Love Lingerie More Than Women

Base on our lasted lingerie Singapore research, men love lingerie more than women. Someone may feel so strange about men love lingerie and want to know the reasons. Someone may even feel like the men are so different.

However, many of women don’t know the Top lingerie brand Victoria Secret is designed by a man, and many other lingerie brand designers all men. Men like women, and feel exited about the curve and colors. They are not like the lingerie, but like their wife or girlfriend wearing the lingerie. Many men wants to wear it because they cannot feel the excited psychology levels.

men love lingerie

Images from sodahead.com.

So if you are female, and found your boyfriend or husband wearing the lingerie behind, don’t feel he is jerk. Wearing more colorful, and sexy than him, and request him wearing together. Soon, he will lose interest to wear.

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