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Potential Lingerie Market in Singapore - Research

Lingerie Brand in Singapore

Victoria Secret and Triumph underwear are traditional lingerie brand. Except that, the lingerie brand include:
La Perla
#02-12 Takashimaya, 391 Orchard Road
Lingerie Salon
Takashimaya, 391 Orchard Road
The Dressing Room
310 Orchard Road
All located at the Orchard Road Singapore, and not the local Singapore band.

Many international lingerie brand find Singapore is potential market and start build the flagship store since 2002. However, Asian culture is quite different from western. The colours, designs and materials of the lingerie must be different. Some hot selling items will get little sales volume in Asia, because women don’t like it.

Luxury Lingerie in Singapore

Vitoria Secret found Asian people like to buy the luxury lingerie. In recent years, tons of international lingerie store start selling the luxury lingerie in Singapore, Japan, China, Hong Kong, South Korea and India.

Triumph redesigned their bra to fit the Japanese women breast in the year 2013.

Triumph news

Reference: www.nydailynews.com

Andres Sarda, owner of Spanish luxury lingerie brand of her own name, says, “We see a strong potential for luxury lingerie in Asian markets.”

Ms. Anne-Sophie de Guerry, Asia Pacific Marketing Director of La Perla, an Italian clothing company specializing in luxurious and fashionable lingerie, says, “Our business has tremendously benefitted from the Asian region, both in terms of turnover growth as well as new openings.

Top Selling Lingerie in the Store

Bra is the biggest selling item in all the lingerie store. Bra has A,B,C,D,E,F five size. That’s the top secret only knew by women. Men just guess and keep on guess the size of the bra.

Because bra is the must have clothes for women, many designers put a lot of effort on the styles and patterns.

Depending on the materials, two kinds of bra on the market

  • Cotton
  • Silicone

Traditional silicon bra is made by liquid. Women need the traditional bra to use it.

liquid bra

Modern silicon bra features two soft silicone gel or light polyester and foam bra cups (depending on the style u buy) with an adhesive backing baked into each cup, plus a patented front closure for cleavage control. Placing the cups further apart towards the armpit then closing the clasps will give you better cleavage!

silicone bra
Reference: nubra.net/frequent-nubra-questions.html

The second best selling item is sleep wear and swim wear.

Swimming wear also knew as Bikini.

Bikini are made by French people. He found the traditional swim wear looks ugly. So he uses several piece of cloth to make the Bikini.

bikini singapore

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